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The following question was submitted to has been posted here with the express permission of the writer. Why are people so much more willing to accept vampires than werewolves? Everywhere you look vampires are being glorified - they are in advertisements selling products, the are in movies playing romantic leads, they are the main characters in bestseller books. What about werewolves? Why aren't werewolves given the same attention and acceptance that vampires are given? -Anonymous Our reader brings up a very good question - one that we have often questioned and thought about and discussed. Vampires are indeed more popular in today's society than werewolves are. They are more accepted. They are more romanticized. They are more "glorified". But this might be a good thing. With less popularity comes more anonymity, and with that comes more flexibility to be true to oneself. Without a spotlight shining on you don't you feel more free? So while we may only hazard guesses as to