cupid + werewolves = love | | i love WEREWOLVES
There are werewolves that know what it's like to be shot by cupid's arrow. The question is, are you one of them? And of those werewolves who have been shot by love, can they reciprocate that love? As Valentine's Day approaches, remember to keep your heart open to love. Just because someone is very different from you does not mean that Cupid's arrow can't hit you both. Sometimes the unlikeliest couples (werewolves and humans?!) are the strongest matches...if both go in with open hearts....or at least hearts willing to accept the other one for what they are. ;-) Did you know...? If you see a picture of a blindfolded Cupid, it's meant to symbolize "love is blind". Cupid's wings are a symbol of how lovers are indecisive and flighty. Cupid arrow symbolizes how "love wounds"