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CocoRosie released a song titled "werewolf" which debuted in 2007 on the third album of the musical groups releases. The title of the American born singers album that the song Werewolf released on was called, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn. The voice and tempo of the song are very dramatic and seem very emotional... listen to the song... is the intention for CocoRosie to be a werewolf? The song and the lyrics of Werewolf by CocoRosie are very interesting, it begins with "In a dream I was a werewolf," and mentions a "western vampire." The lyrics need some interpretation of what was happening in the life of the singers at the moment they wrote the song, here are some of the lyrics to Werewolf. Cosorosie's Lyrics: Werewolf In a dream I was a werewolf My soul was filled with crystal light Lavender ribbons of rain sang Ridding my heart of mortal fight Broken sundown fatherless showdown Gun hip swollen lip bottle sip yeah i suck dick Loose grip on gravity falls sky blinding