Cities and Towns named after the wolf! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Looking for Wolf Town? Here they are! You may not necessarily find wolves in these places, but you will certainly wolf loyalty in these towns and cities! Here is a list of a few places big and small named after the wolf! ;-) Wolverhampton (nickname includes Wolves, Wolftown, and Wolvo) - With a population of a quarter of a million, Wolverhampton is a large metropolitan area in the UK. Wolf City, TX - Population 1566,located in the Lone Star State. Wolf, WY - unincorporated community in Wyoming, very small population. Wolf Point, MT - Population 2621, located in the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. Black Wolf, WI - Population 2410; located in Winnebago County Wisconsin. Lone Wolf, OK - Population 438, named after Chief Lona Wolf of the Kiowa Native Americans. Wolfville - Population 4,269 - Canadian town in Nova Scotia and home to Acadia University Wolf Summit, WV - Population 272, a small coal town in Harrison County West Virginia.