Chupacabra in Minnesota | | i love WEREWOLVES
Another "mystery" creature has been found dead in the road, and some people think it's the infamous chupacabra! Speculation is running rampant - people are guessing that it's all kinds of animals - skunk, wolf, dog, raccoon.... It looks like an unidentified animal with 5 toes on each "paw", long nails, and the body appears to be hairless. It is dead and partially decomposed which makes it all the harder to identify. A wildlife supervisor says it might be a hairless badger, but they say that is just a guess and they are still stumped! Hairless badger or chupacabra in Minnesota? Hard to say. I haven't heard of too many chupacabras in Minnesota though...most are spotted in southern or warm places like Texas, Mexico, or Puerto Rico. Watch the video and judge for yourself!