Christianity, Saints, and Werewolves! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Werewolves are thoroughly embedded in religion....even in Christianity. Many who do not believe in werewolves have no farther to look than there own religions to find tales, stories, and references to transformations, curses, and shapeshifters. In fact, there are even Saints - people believed to be the most holy of all, that have close ties with werewolves. Here are four saints that have a werewolf connection: Saint Christopher is considered the patron saint of travelers. Less known about this saint however is that he is often depicted as a Cynocephali - which means having the head of a dog! Don't believe it? You can even find old images of Saint Christopher depicted with his "dog head". Saint Andrew, a Christian apostle is the patron saint of Scotland (among other countries). He is said to have preached Christianity to many groups including the Scythians and the Neuri - a tribe that the Scythians believed turned themselves into wolves (aka werewolves!). Saint Patrick is an