Cannibal Werewolves – jé-rouges of Haiti | | i love WEREWOLVES
In Haiti, there are superstitions of the Cannibal Werewolf. As the Haitian legends go, there are creatures called jé-rouges which are considered evil werewolf spirits who wreak havoc upon humans by turning them into cannibalistic werewolves! Sleeping mothers often get tricked by the Haitian Werewolf!! Some legends of Haiti say that the jé-rouges are evil spirits who possess the bodies of people and transform them into evil cannibalistic werewolves who prey on the young! Other versions of the legends say that the jé-rouges are tricksters who manipulate and trick to get what they want. These legends say that their victims must be taken order to get this, they wait until the middle of the night, then find a human mother who is sleeping and ask her if they can feed off her children. The mothers are often tricked into agreeing because they are disoriented, groggy, and still partially in a sleep state. The jé-rouges therefore often get a victim with the permission of the