can werewolves in werewolf form talk? | | i love WEREWOLVES
When a werewolf has physically shifted into werewolf form, are they capable of human speech? This question is quite controversial for humans. While one would think there would be a simple answer to this question, in truth, it actually depends on the age, experience, and history of the individual werewolf. Typically, werewolves will go through three phases of the speech process (explaining why humans all have different beliefs on whether a werewolf can talk!) 1. The shifted werewolf cannot talk There are many instances that occur when a werewolf transforms and he or she is incapable of human speech. Most typically this occurs with "newer" werewolves. Those that are encountering their first physical shift are often unable to speak - their bodies and minds are being hit with many changes at once, and managing speech is something that not many can handle. Though they know the human language, their throats, tongues, and faces are different, and offering anything remotely resembling