Bigfoot Sighting in Midland County Michigan | | i love WEREWOLVES
This past weekend the local sheriff department in a small town in Midland County got a surprise from one of its residents - Bigfoot was on the loose! The man who filed the report is Anthony Padilla, a 52 year old local man who has brought in evidence asking it be tested for Bigfoot's DNA. Padilla has been gathering evidence of Bigfoot's existence since he first sighted bigfoot seven years ago. According to Padilla, when he had his bigfoot sighting seven years ago, the creature was not what most stories claim it to be - it seemed to transform and change - from bigfoot, to mist, and then into a deer. While Padilla's sighting is very controversial, it is worth mentioning that the area is known to have previous reportings of bigfoot sightings from others (mostly in the 1970s). Here is the TV news interview: