The Basics on Being a Werewolf | | i love WEREWOLVES
One of the most difficult things about becoming a werewolf is that there is no guidebook on how to act, be, or live. You have to learn how to be a werewolf on your own. When you are a human, you have human parents, siblings, and friends to guide you as you grow and learn. But as a werewolf, there is often nobody around to show you the basics. You become a werewolf, and then must struggle with trying to figure out what that means and entails. How to think - what to think - how to deal with your new emotions - how to be - all of these things are questions that you must answer on your own. Being a werewolf is difficult, especially in its early stages as you try to learn who and what you are. The basics on being a werewolf... #1 - Live by the full first. When you first become a werewolf you will feel like you are a slave to the moon. You will feel like the moon controls the way you feel, act, look, and behave. The moon effects humans as well, but as a werewolf you will feel it