Are you a werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
Having one (or more than one) werewolf traits does not necessarily make you a werewolf. This is a common misbelief. For example, yes, werewolves like to howl - but so sometimes do humans! And yes, werewolves like full moons - but also, so sometimes do humans!! Conversely, having no apparent sign of a "commonly" known werewolf trait does not necessarily not make you a werewolf. Like humans, werewolves are diverse - for example, a full moon can have a different/stronger effect on a werewolf depending on age and gender. Also, there are many legends and myths describing werewolves that have traits that we in present times do no necessarily attribute to fact, there is some belief that there are different "lines" or "species" of werewolves, making them even harder for humans to identify using the "standard" werewolf stereotype. So, how then do you know if you are really a werewolf? To a human on the outside, it is a difficult task. Yes, there are some techniques or clues