Are Vampires Ugly? | | i love WEREWOLVES
It depends on who you ask. The stereotypical Vampire is not considered to be ugly, but is rather good-looking - or at least considered to be fairly easy on the eyes. But things are not always as clear-cut as they seem. Not all Vampires are as good-looking as books and movies depict them to be. In fact many Vampire's appearances are more in line with a witch's steroetypical image in that they are slightly deformed and uglier than a normal human being - or at least uglier than what the average appearance of the general population. How do Vampires become ugly? The ugliness of a Vamp is usually indicative of a troubled life; these events can wear down the appearance of the vampire - for example, a life full of pursuing enemies can harden a vampire's appearance, making him or her appear ugly, mean, and tough. And because vampires are not immune to a witch (or human) curse those too can affect the appearance of a vampire in a negative way. A life filled with "diseases" or "curses" that