Are there werewolves in Dogtown Massachusetts? | | i love WEREWOLVES
There are indeed various rumors that shapeshifters had been seen in and around Dogtown, Massachusetts. Nothing has been substantively proven however as to whether or not they are actual werewolves. Where is Dogtown located? Dogtown is located in northeastern Massachusetts on Cape Ann on Massachusetts Bay. The town is an abandoned village that has been reclaimed by the dense woods which surround it. It was established in 1693 and deserted in the early 1800s. Is it called Dogtown because of werewolves? Although it might at first seem like there should be a connection between "dogtown" and werewolves, there is not in fact any connection in the actual naming of the town itself. Instead, the town probably got its name because of the large number of stray and feral dogs which roamed the area. The excess number of dogs was due to the fact that single women and widows of the town often kept dogs as pets for protection. Witchcraft, werewolves, and superstitions around town... It is said that