Accidental injuries possible during werewolf transformation? | | i love WEREWOLVES
One frequent question that humans and new werewolves have is if accidental injuries are possible during a werewolf transformation. The werewolf transformation process varies from shifter to shifter, so each individual will have a different experience. In general however, the likelihood of injuries during a transformation is small - especially and specifically for "older" more experienced werewolves. Occasionally however, there are exceptions - particularly in newer shapeshifters who may experience such small inconveniences as inadvertently scratching themselves or accidentally knocking into something. These minor injuries which can result are due more to clumsiness than any harm incurred during the actual transformation process itself. This clumsiness eventually wears off with experience, and they will find future transformations virtually free of these prior incidents. With experience comes the knowledge of how feels as a werewolf and what you can and cannot do during the