A Full Blue Moon shines tonight! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Yes, tonight the full moon that you see will be a rare event called a blue moon! The last blue moon was in 2012, and the next blue moon won't be until 2018! So be sure not to miss tonight's event, or you'll be waiting close to 3 years before the next one!! :-) They happens so rarely you don't want to miss this one! And if you're out tonight, and want to do something more than just look at the sky, you might try taking a full moon hike! Will the moon really look blue? No, "blue moon" is just an expression - the moon won't actually appear blue! It's believed that it got the name "blue" by replacing a similar sounding English word - "belewe" (which means to betray). Can the moon ever look blue? Yes, actually, there are some very, veerrry - rare times that the moon will actually appear blue in color, often due to dust particles and debris in the air (like what might happen during a volcano eruption). Ironically however, these kind of moons aren't true "blue moons" that we