3 Things you need to get through the School Year! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Most kids and many adults are getting back into school mode as the official summer winds to an end; for many humans and some werewolves the school year will be as normal as they come. You will get up, go to class, get through the day without one roadblock in your way...some of you will without a doubt have the inner strength to drive yourself towards your dream and goals without any help at all. However, many of us will continue to struggle with different issues. Some might be made fun of because of their "affliction" or (curse) while others might feel as if they are the outcast of their friends or the group they will be attached to for the remainder of the year... and possibly longer. Your classmates are the ones you will see possibly more than anybody for the rest of the year! For those of you who might have trouble getting through the year or those of you who are not necessarily looking forward to the new year there are some back to school tips that will help you... 3 Things you