3 things all werewolves should remember | | i love WEREWOLVES
1. Views of lycanthropy change over time. Today werewolves might be celebrated, but tomorrow they might be crucified. Never take for granted the momentary and fleeting nature of being in good graces. A few hundred years ago werewolves were synonymous with evil. Today, to some they still are, however the viewpoint for many others has changed considerably...and today there are even many that are willing to accept that there can be and are such thing as "good werewolves". But remember, it takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch, and no matter how far the views of humans have changed, they could change back in a second. 2. It is hard to compete with the historical beliefs of a culture. There are times when you may encounter humans or groups of humans with very negative views towards werewolves. It is important not to take these beliefs and views too much to heart. Sometimes it's simply the fact that a group or a culture has a long-standing history in their legends and beliefs that