1987 Werewolf TV Series | | i love WEREWOLVES
If you're looking for werewolves on TV, you might try the Werewolf TV Series that aired back in 1987. I know I know, the video is kind of old looking and grainy, but it actually was kind of interesting = not to mention it was a TV series based entirely on werewolves! The 1987 Werewolf TV series is about a graduate student named Eric whose best friend gets infected and becomes a werewolf. Eric ends up using a silver bullet against his friend, but not before his friend bites him, infecting him. As his friend is dying, he tells Eric how he can free himself from the werewolf curse. According to him, there are three ways - by his own hand, by being shot by a silver bullet, or by destroying the werewolf that created the "bloodline". Eric of course chooses the last option, and the TV show follows his path as he tries to find the werewolf that started it. Here's a clip of the pilot episode, kind of give you an idea of the tone of the TV can find all episodes on youtube... http