10 Things to Do on Friday the 13th! | | i love WEREWOLVES
A large number of people are afraid of Friday the 13th (somewhere around 20 million Americans!) - or at least superstitious of it (check out the symptoms of paraskavedkatriaphobia here!). Superstitions about the day are not a new thing, they started long before Jason Voorhees started terrifying Camp Crystal Lake in the Friday the 13th movie fact, some date the fear of Friday the 13th back to the mid 1800s! How specifically the fear started remains a point of debate - numerology, Norse myths, novels, and even the Last Supper are all said to have played a role in building the day into what it has become - a day that many people fear something harmful or evil might befall them. So what do people do on Friday the 13th? Here are a few ideas of what people - who are superstitious and not superstitious - are doing on this day. 1. Watch the Friday the 13th movies. This is a tradition for many people - pull out the Friday the 13th movies and watch them! There's no better day to