10 Full Moon Legends | | i love WEREWOLVES
The next full moon of 2010 is tonight, April 28. As I've mentioned before, this moon is sometimes called the Pink Moon...other names for it include the Egg Moon and the Grass Moon. Besides the association of werewolves with the full moon, there are a number of myths, folklore, and legends associated with the full moon... 10 Full Moon Legends 1. The full moon is said to give off an energy that makes it the best time for predicting the future or fortune telling. 2. Witches are often said to be able to be seen riding through the skies during a full moon. 3. It is rumored that the full moon can have a positive effect on a woman's ability to conceive. Some even say that there are more births during a full moon. 4. Pet injuries increase significantly during the full moon (this is a full moon fact, not legend!) 5. The full moon does not occur every 30 days exactly, but rather every 29.5 days (another full moon fact!) 6. Some myths say that the full moon can cause earthquakes. 7. The