The 6 Benefits of Early Bird Sleep Pattern on Mental Health | Illuminating Minds Hypnotherapy
Most of us know just how important a good restful nights' sleep is to our feeling of well-being the next day. What many of us don't know is the impact of when we choose to sleep can be just as important on how we feel. I want to share with you the powerful impact waking up early can have on our Mental Health. Now for those of us who aren't 'Morning People' the thought of waking up early can seem horrifying, but with a bit of discipline we can re-organise our day and reap the benefits on both our body and mind. Organise your day & be more productive The first benefit of waking early is that you can use this extra time when few of us are awake to start to plan your day and create a to do list. By creating a plan for your day, you can get yourself in the right mindset to go about and complete your tasks, you will also experience less anxiety and worrying unnecessarily. When you direct your mind towards your goals you start using the Reticular Activating System. This is a built