Social Sinners: A Heart Divided - i Like eBooks
How can one’s heart be divided without someone feeling left out, even if it’s yourself? That was the challenge Mickey Payne, bass player for the band Social Sinners, was tasked with when he fell in love with two men. “The heart wants what the heart wants, and you’d be a fool to deny it,” his mother told him when he brought his concerns to her over the unconventional relationship he was in.Entering into the triad, he of course had his reservations, but all doubt gets cast aside when they need his help. Will his heart be able to survive?Book 1 – Behind the lights (MM) Joey’s POVBook 2 – In the shadows (MM) Stoli’s POVBook 3 – A heart divided (MMM) Mickey’s POVBook 4 – Beyond the curtain (MM) Diamond’s POVBook 5 – After the final curtain (MM/MMM) All