[Conference 2013 CfP] Poverty Working Group - IIPPE
The crisis in the EU is unfolding, the recession in the US is persisting and poverty is becoming a reality or a threat for more and more people. Austerity policies of unprecedented depth and severity contribute to the pauperisation of people, with Greek governments leading the way. The necessary destruction of capital for getting over the crisis has been burdened on the shoulders of working people, self-employed people, small business and small farmers. Nevertheless, while absolute poverty is the most telling aspect of poverty, research in approaching this aspect is left aside, as well as the effect of the crisis in the pauperisation of people. The Poverty Working Group encourages contributions which shed light on the theoretical approach of absolute poverty, on social needs and the relative level of their satisfaction and the construction of a poverty threshold based on this level. Additionally, welcome are contributions that examine the effects of the crisis on level of poverty and the satisfaction of needs. Finally, critique of mainstream relative poverty approaches from radical perspective is necessary.