[CFP] Conference 2019 - Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group - IIPPE
Two complimentary parts of any social change in history have been a criticism of what is wrong with the exiting situation, and a suggestion of an alternative that would not suffer from those problems. Existing political economy has almost exclusively focused on the former, with some political economists, particularly some from some Marxist traditions, arguing it is inappropriate (“unscientific”) to engage in the latter, that doing so is harmful to promoting social change. IIPPE’s Moving Beyond Capitalism (MBC) working group is dedicated to promoting the discussion of the latter among political economists. For the past several years the MBC working group has participated in IIPPE’s annual conferences with panels. This year it intends to do so again, and this is a Call for proposals for papers and activist proposals. This Call is open to any political economy contribution addressing anything related to the issue of Moving Beyond Capitalism.