[CfP] Conference 2016 – Neoliberalism Working Group – Panel for the Greek Economy - IIPPE
The Greek economy is in crisis for the seventh consecutive year. Since its beginning in 2009, it has already curried the brunt of two Economic Adjustment Programmes (popularly called Memoranda) organised by the EU-ECB-IMF troika and agreed by the Greek political and economic establishment that led to a cumulative depression of approximately 27% of the initial GDP, a skyrocketing unemployment around 27% and mounting immiserisation of the working class and the middle strata. The SYRIZA government betrayed its declarations of rejecting the Memoranda policy, capitulated unconditionally to the directives and demands of the troika and signed a new 3rd Economic Adjustment Programme. The new programme follows the lines of the previous ones and dictates more austerity for the country and immiserisation for the popular classes.