#1-3. FCR & FOxC Peel- Iwai Kenji
▶ Previous Artlcle: http://1-2-fcr-foxc-peel-iwai-kenji-2 Local evaluation on the technology of Korean aesthetic medicine companies Many hospitals in Japan, including our clinic, are actively adopting Korean aesthetic medicine technology and skills. Typical products include FCR and other various aesthetic medicine products. First of all, because of the high level of satisfaction among patients, it is getting a considerably good reputation among doctors. It may be the result of considering the situation of the patients receiving the treatment. The local evaluation is very positive in terms of patient satisfaction. [Advertisement] FCR® (Fractional Prickle CoralCalcium Regentron) - Manufacturer: (] It is also a strength that Korea is one of the leading countries in the aesthetic medicine trend. The officials of aesthetic medicine think that they must respond aggressively and quickly to the latest technology that develops rapidly. The technology of aesthetic medicine is developing day by day, and a lot of new technologies and products are emerging. However, it is very difficult to immediately adopt these technologies or products into the field. In the end, I think it is important to examine closely how to adopt and utilize new technologies or products in line with the reality of hospitals. [The entire back of the waist is reddish and cleaned once. When I touched it, acne scar was also thinned.] The ways to strengthen the global network of aesthetic medicine Unfortunately, Japan is quite behind in the global market related to aesthetic medicine. It is necessary to properly face the reality, identify the rapidly changing trends and technologies of the world, and adopt them in accordance with the situation. The roles of the companies that produce and disseminate aesthetic medicine technologies and products and the medical field that performs new procedures to patients are important. I also think mediating between the two is important. It is necessary to form networks in various forms of conferences or exhibitions, and to expand and develop them. [Most acne suffered from dry once and after 4 months there was almost no new acne, no redness of acne scars Reborn skin with a sense of transparency.] - To be continued