Connecting with your potential customers | I AM Innovation and Marketing, LLC
We use advertising as a way to reach our target demos but once they are reached what does your message say? I'm affordable? I'm convenient? I provide elite services? You have to ask yourself, "will these messages compel your potential customer to act and buy from you?" Probably not. If that's your message then you are just paying to hear your own commercial. Overtime you can run this commercial and sure you will see a gradual inquiry and may convert some to sales but that's not really connecting with your audience. Your creative message is how you connect. Write in the perspective of the customer. What will make them feel your business is right for them and they are right for you. If you are ready for advertising make sure your message is ready for the audience. Instead of listing a series of your services maybe dedicate one commercial message to one service. Turn the message to identify why they needed the service to begin with. Selling a car - create a message with someone