Hypnotherapy | Hypnity
It's a partnership Hypnotherapy is more of a collaboration between you and the therapist rather than something that we do to you. There's no magic wand and we can't simply hypnotise your problem away. The change happens because you want it to happen and are prepared to work with me to enable it to happen. So an important part of your contribution is your willingness to make changes to the way you think. The Solution Focused process means we will 1. Discuss where you are currently and2. Determine where you want to be and then 3. Help you make the necessary changes. And we avoid problem-talk. About Hypnosis Hypnosis is simply a trance state, which is a very natural state of the body and mind, something we do several times a day without realising it: when we're watching T.V., driving the car, out for a run – we do it all the time. These are all states of focused attention which are similar to the feeling of being hypnotised. In this way hypnosis feels quite ordinary, like being in a