It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever - S05 E17 Gwyneth Paltrow Don't Even Slap Like That (ft. MalikaiUnique) • Hyphen Podcast Group
After the week we’ve had, the ILaPoW put down the desire to run any kind of show with a plan. HB and KP got in touch with MalikaiUnique of Obvious Nonsense, turned on the mics and let it fly. They talk about mediocre white dudes. They discuss the old 7 minute rule (how long a man has to impress a woman). People from Houston. Gwyneth Paltrow don’t even slap like that. And waaaaaaaay too many more things to list here. We’ll probably return to regular form next week…or we might not. Who knows? Hyphen Podcast Group http://hyphenpodcastgroup.com A Morgantown, WV based podcast collective. Bringing great podcasts to the people. See author's posts