Hyphen Nation - Episode #151: Where Did He Come From?! (Costarring Angel Conley) • Hyphen Podcast Group
And we’re back! And we’re late. Sorry. As you’ll be able to tell, THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST, has underwent some changes and hopefully for better. I start things off with a retraction about LeVar Burton’s t-shirt pointed out to me by Errick, then I apologize for the mess that was 150. After that, Angel joined me on my birthday to finish watching the 2011 Royal Rumble that I started a few episodes ago. Next episode is for Kobe. This episode was brought to you by Girl Meets World and Kobe Bryant’s Muse. Hyphen Podcast Group http://hyphenpodcastgroup.com A Morgantown, WV based podcast collective. Bringing great podcasts to the people. See author's posts