Bike class turns cyclists into DIY mechanics - Hyattsville Life & Times
BY SCARLETT SALEM — Cycling, whether for leisure or competition, can be fun … unless you face a mechanical problem you can’t solve. What if you have a flat tire in the middle of a long bike ride? Or what if your chain pops off on the way to work? Arrow Bicycle, located at 5108 Baltimore Avenue just south of Franklins, offers a course that teaches you how to handle these emergencies and more. Arrow has been serving the community for the past five years under the helm of Chris Militello and Chris Davidson, who have held The Park Tool School twice a year since they opened the shop. It’s the only bicycle maintenance course of its kind in Hyattsville and the surrounding communities. Taught by both owners along with their head mechanic, Ryan Lewis, Park Tool School is a 12-hour course that meets on Monday evenings for six consecutive weeks and costs $175. Most people who enroll are competitive racers or cyclists who go for longer rides, but avid commuters and occasional riders join as well. The course gets its name from The Park Tool Company, manufacturer of bicycle tools since 1963 and publisher of the definitive Big Blue Book [...]