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These mothercluckers just made Holy-Cluck History! OUR FIRST EVER TEN OUT OF TEN! Purveyor: Bennett Street Dairy, Bondi NSW, Australia Menu Item: Hilda's Buttermilk Fried Chicken on Lux Brioche Price: $18.50 AUD Gran would be proud. Squawk: We never thought it would happen, but there we were, stuffing our faces trying to find fault with this amazing burger, and we could not. Nothing. Sure, the place isn't licensed, so no beer. Sure they got the "comes with chips" part wrong. Sure the unevenly weighted presentation with the two squishy pickles isn't going to blow up on Instagram, but this burger is so good it overcomes all those things. The brioche is sweet - too sweet for most the burgers we've reviewed, but it is so perfectly matched with all the other innards, you can't fault it. The smoked cheddar is fantastic all on it's own, but factor in the way these guys get it melted to perfection with just the edges a bit burned and crunchy, and you can't fault it. The Jalapeño Mayo has