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Scenic Beauty: A nirvana for Tourist’s & a land bestowed with natural sumptuous beauty, Himachal Pradesh is mesmerizing to stay around cool climate and beautiful places. With snow –clad mountains & breathtaking glory the state has obliged people from far off places to settle down & enjoy the luxuries of life peacefully & in harmony. 2. Enthralling Adventurous place: Naturally blessed with Paranomic beauty & graphical diversity, Himachal Pradesh is filled with mind blogging adventurous activities. So an adventure junkie can get the best of life & nature through trekking, rafting, skiing, paragliding & much more of existence through this state. 3. Simplicity at its best: Another imperative reason to stay on this paradise is the people with warm heart, nature & honesty. With a smile on their face they greet everyone with affection and Kindness. ‘Himachalis’ as commonly called are known for their hospital nature and will never make you feel out place. So becoming an inhabitant of this place is good idea to venture into if you are looking for tranquility & peace in your life. 4. Food to rejuvenate your soul: Himachal Pradesh is known for its traditional dishes that surely tantalize the taste buds in the most effective way. Cuisines like Indra, Siddu, Bari etc are myriad varieties of palatial dishes in this warm state. Festival delicacies like Dham, Patanda are also famous among the locals. 5. Spiritualism Amalgamation: With shrines in large numbers, Himachal is known to be the Land of Gods’. The people of Himachal Pradesh are very spiritualistic & stand by their belief in their deity who protects the well being of his people. This state is also well known for its temples that are famous for its pilgrimage. Thus having utmost conviction for gods make them highly spiritualistic in nature. 6. Culture: With a rich tradition, Himachal Pradesh marks all the festive occasions with folk music & dance. Themes of Valor & love stories with legacies are shown in their folk dance called as ‘Nati’. Also festivals like ‘lavi’ fair & ‘Fullaich’ are sure to make the heart ponder & give a reason to stay on this land. 7. Safe & Less populated: Himachal Pradesh is known to be the safest city due to its less population and friendly people. Embarking a new journey of life whilst staying in this beautiful place can be an out of the world experience. himachal admin Comments Comments