NFL Players, It's Time to Take a Stand | | Her Own Beat
The NFL made a decision last week because of its fans—the majority of whom are white men. Most of the fanbase did not have an issue with kneeling during the national anthem until Trump got involved. He found one more way to divide our nation. What was initially a silent protest about racial injustice became an issue that Trump could use to deflect attention from the mess within his own house (figuratively and literally) and called it unpatriotic. Many vets, however, said it wasn't unpatriotic. But, much of the NFL's fanbase was now upset. The irony is the minority fanbase had been upset for months. We were angry when Colin Kaepernick was blackballed. We explained why they were kneeling. We explained the racial injustices for men and women. We tried to bring inequality and police brutality to the forefront. We participated in an NFL Blackout, and we said we would hit them where it hurts. We didn't purchase anything. We didn't watch. Some owners didn't want to let their players protest;