Reflections From a Young Latina Woman on the Wage Gap in 2018 | | Her Own Beat
Please read this article by Beatriz Martínez-Godás. It was originally written in December for Levo, but it still applicable today. For our country to progress and make it great for all for the first time, all of our voices need to be heard. Privilege, or lack thereof, is whatever advantages or disadvantages you have in the beginning of your life, before you taken any decisions or put in any effort of your own towards anything. Privilege comes in many facets, it's racial, it's economical, it's social. For many it's all three. As a white Latina woman, I often check my privilege when it comes to my racial standing in our society. It's impossible for me not to when considering the social-political realities of our country. But to others, it's difficult to understand or recognize the systems that oppress me, and other Latinas. You have to look no further than how our education system and workforce treats Latina women to learn that most misogynistic ideals that founded this country are still