UKGE Round 4 – Dyfi | Helen Gaskell Coaching
In 2014 the UKGE crew had been busy, as there were lots more off-piste and natural stages, it was exciting for me as I love that kind of riding. The weekend weather was pretty nice for Wales, the loop was approx. 38 km, so there was lots of pedaling and sweating going down, the transitions ranging from 35 to 50 minutes of uphill fire roads to keep the heart rate working hard. There was five super fun stages, with tight, twisty , muddy and even flat out rocky sections to keep you on your toes, and then the final stage was all grass with drops, jumps and fun gaps. I packed the camper and drove down Thursday night, arriving just after 10pm, the pits were already pretty busy, and the amount of riders now taking the Friday off work to get a full day of practice in is crazy. It’s great to see how much the Enduro series has developed over the past 3 years. Team mate Cal and Mechanic Damon arrived Friday morning to set up the pits, they were both excited to go practice so we got sorted and all