British Gravity Enduro Round 2 & World Enduro Round 2 in the Tweed Valley | Helen Gaskell Coaching
What an amazing ten days , first off it was the 2nd round of the UK Gravity Enduro series at Innerleithen, one week before the Enduro World Series came to town. I was excited for this along with many others, I packed the camper and headed up to Inners for Friday practice. I arrived about 11am and the pits were already full, lots of Euro riders there for sneaky practice and preparation for the following weekend. I had a quick look at the course map and I couldn't stop smiling, 5 stages, pretty much all full on downhill technical trails, I couldn't wait to get up there to ride. I decided to have a quick tyre change before heading up , I wanted a Magic Mary on the front as it was still a little muddy and those tyres are excellent up front. I somehow how had a little accident though, just as I was putting my front wheel on, I gave it a spin and caught my finger in the disc rotor and it totally ripped my finger nail off ! Never ever do it, it was so painful, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.