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#HowToAvoidTheSummerSun run your little tail off! pic.twitter.com/lwKcPPsmUV — TeeHeeHee (@HaHaTeeHeeHee) June 26, 2019 Just don't go outside. #HowToAvoidTheSummerSun pic.twitter.com/V0p0QUdBUP — Chris Dmytriw (@chrisdmytriw1) June 26, 2019 #HowToAvoidTheSummerSunOnly go out at night . Freak! pic.twitter.com/DFmWr3Glnm — Philomathic Squirrel w/ Chicken Nuggs in Her Head (@Squirrelbeer23) June 26, 2019 This video, like the decision to visit TacoRead More