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Sonny Terry Riffs – 180 riffs in an ‘easy to learn’ package Learning to play like the wonderful Sonny Terry has never been easier. Ben Hewlett and Paul Lennon have put three of their best-selling books together in one amazing download package just for you. To make it quick and easy to learn, each riff is presented at different speeds as well as written out using harmonica tab and standard music notation just in case your ears can’t figure out the notes and rhythms. So, download this amazing package now and start playing like Sonny Terry. The greatest living experts of Sonny’s style say: “Sonny Terry was without question, one of the most well known of all blues harmonica players. Ben has taken numerous essential Sonny Terry licks and broken them down at three different speeds for you to access and learn as simply and painlessly as possible. If you follow him, Ben will put you on the fast track to the summit of the musical mountain of Sonny Terry. This is indeed a journey that all harmonica players should experience.” Joe Filisko September 2009 http://www.filisko.com “I first heard Sonny Terry on the radio in 1964. My mind was blown, and my life was changed. A few days latter I bought a Sonny Terry phonograph record and started to try to figure out how to play harmonica. My task would have been a lot easier if Ben Hewlett’s Sonny Terry Riffs books were available back then. I highly recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity to learn to play harmonica like Sonny Terry. Enjoy!” Peter Madcat Ruth (Grammy award winner) http://www.madcatmusic.net