Easy Harmonica Tunes Collection - HarmonicaWorld.net
This set of three books is for people who want to play very simple traditional tunes on the harmonica. Funky Nursery teaches you tunes that you probably learnt as a child, but we have composed really funky backing tracks to make them more suitable for your modern ears. Each track comes in three speeds and starts with a sung version designed to get you singing along to become familiar with the tune again. It is great for children and we include tablature for the Hohner 4 hole speedy as many children like to play this instrument. How about playing along with your kids? The same can be said for Funky Xmas; classic old tunes with tasteful backings, ideal for playing in public. Nasty Chugs was written with children in mind using disgusting Roald Dahl type ideas. Chugging is rhythmic chord play an is a great think to learn - Sonny Terry did it all the time. You get tunes, rounds, and duets in Nasty Chugs as well as a well crafted chug for each piece.