And I met an aghori | Haridwar City
I live in Haridwar, so are the numerous Aghoris. Having renounced the world they roam near the cremating grounds of Haridwar or mostly in the forests of Haridwar. They can be sometimes sighted roaming on the road, naked, whether it is a winter or its a summer. Who is an Aghori ? An aghori is a practitioner of Aghora. Aghora is a left handed path, which seeks serenity in following all the abandoned practices like Cannibalism, madira-pan etc. So an Aghori is a person who worships the 3rd eye of Lord Siva. What sets them apart from other religious sects is one horrible ritual which is an integral part of their belief system-eating corpses. The sight of an Aghori itself can scare you no end. They cover themselves with the ashes that comes from the burning of dead bodies. The whole body of an aghori including the face will be covered with this ash.The hair and beard are grown to great lengths. If you search them in the daylight, you will hardly find them. Most of them can be witnessed some