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The Los Angeles Clippers remain, at least in our view, the most intriguing team in the NBA that doesn't reside in Oakland. They have all the makings of a true contender. They have an elite coach in Doc Rivers. A top-five point guard in Chris Paul. Another superstar in Blake Griffin (yes, he will return this season). An elite rim protector in DeAndre Jordan. One of the league's most dangerous shooters in J.J. Redick. And a super sixth-man in Jamal Crawford. So what's missing? Why haven't the Clippers moved higher up in the pecking order than they have? It might have something to do with the reigning champion Golden State Warriors, the San Antonio Spurs and that two-headed superstar monster in Oklahoma City. We dig deep on what's holding the Clippers back with Redick on Episode 230 of The Hang Time Podcast.