Weight | Hancocks Hypnotherapy
Looking to lose weight? Whether it's just a few pounds or a large percentage of your body weight, it can be a dispiriting business trying to get slimmer, especially these days when we're swamped with media images of perfect bodies in skimpy clothes. Alternatively, you may need to put on weight or have other issues with food, such as bulimia or an obsession with a particular food such as chocolate. Most of you, especially if you're a woman, will have tried diets of every description. The problem with many of them is they don't work. What's more, by focusing on food control or replacement as the key issue, they can be counter-productive - and that's before the dieter has to contend with the sense of failure when the diet fails to make a permanent impact on their weight. Hypnotherapy, by focusing on the underlying subconscious issues behind eating, helps you get your mind in the right shape to deal with food. It also concentrates on the positive changes you'll make to your life by losing