How can you help yourself | Hancocks Hypnotherapy
As a client, you have a crucial part to play in your own treatment. Following a few simple steps can help to maximise the treatment potential. Listen to what is said during the session/s. Often your words will provide the answer to your situation. The solutions themselves don't have to be something dramatic - it can be as simple as going for a walk, getting everything ready for work the night before or reacting calmly rather than angrily when the children play up. Emphasise the positive. Concentrating on what is good in our lives means we are in the right frame of mind to appreciate when something good happens. It can also work as a self-fulfilling prophecy, ie happy thoughts leading to positive actions leading to happy thoughts, and so on. This article from the BBC shows how being optimistic may have health benefits. Attend sessions - on time. This is a key element of you taking control of your life. Play the CD provided. Make it part of your routine. It reinforces what goes on in