FAQs | Hancocks Hypnotherapy
Is any medication used? No. As a natural, complementary therapy, no drugs of any sort are employed. How does it work? For the purposes of hypnotherapy, the brain is viewed as being divided into conscious and sub-conscious. Hypnotherapy enables communication with the subconscious, making use of the mind's heightened awareness and susceptibility to beneficial suggestions during trance in order to make changes. These changes could include overcoming phobias, reducing anxiety or simply getting a good night's sleep. How many sessions are needed? For phobias, generally three sessions of an hour's duration are required in addition to the initial free consultation. For other issues such as depression or anxiety, more sessions would be needed, typically 5-8. For anti-smoking, a single session lasting 90 minutes to two hours is required. What is the cost? See the Fees page for all pricing. What does trance feel like? Responses can be as individual as the clients. Some clients report being in a