Childbirth | Hancocks Hypnotherapy
I'd like to think that a certain well-known mum used hypnobirthing for her labour as this article suggests.If these rumours are true, then I look foward to having 'by royal appointment' on my website. Joking aside, royals have often influenced birthing practices. For example, Louis XIV's wish to see a mistress give birth led to the predominance of the dorsal position. Prior to this women had tended to follow their instincts and give birth squatting, on all fours, etc. Queen Victoria's wish for chloroform meant that birth (for the better off, at least) was shifted from the home to hospital, as doctors were needed to administer it. So watch this space. Birthing can be a wonderful experience for all concerned - parents, family, friends, professionals and the babies themselves. However, in our present culture, birth is all too often viewed with apprehension, if not dread. This view is reinforced by constant negative and/or distorted portrayal of birthing in film, drama and in the news