Anxiety | Hancocks Hypnotherapy
Feeling anxious? Is stress making you feel restless, listless or distracted? Do you have difficulty in concentrating or ignoring distractions? If so, you are not alone. Anxiety is one of the most common conditions I deal with in the consulting room. Put simply, anxiety is one of the primitive response patterns that emerge when we lose control of our subconscious, whether it be in certain situations (exams etc) or during our day-to-day existence. Like the other primitive response patterns - anger and depression - it is part of our neurological inheritance from our far-distant ancestors. We can recognise that at times our prehistoric ancestors would have lived in a dangerous environment, so having the mind enter the hypervigilant mode of anxiety would have been useful in keeping a lookout for enemies, wild animals or other threats. However, in the modern era, this type of anxiety often serves little useful purpose and can be a serious problem for the sufferer. Feelings of anxiety can