Hari Raya Hamper - HR7 - Hamper Malaysia
HR-7 RM 400 SUCI Felli 16 Momento Finest Stainless Steel Cutlery Set 1set Cardigan Zero Sparkling Juice 750ml Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (T24) 300gm Kurma Walnut in Box 120gm Bueno Recipe Almond Rainbow Tarts 250gm Bueno Recipe Nestum Chocolate Ball Cookies 250gm Naturas Fruit Cake 210gm Festivity Crispy Mini Egg Roll 40gm Chicken Ring Snacks 84gm Coco Oats Puffs (S) 60gm Assorted Fruit Candy Delight 150gm Bika Chicken Flavoured Crackers 40gm SKS Mini Durian Cookies 100gm Green Pea Snacks 56gm Espresso Coffee Candy 150gm Bika Seafood Flavoured Crackers 40gm Hari Raya Packaging & Decoration *Our delivery cut-off date for RAYA Hamper is on the 9th of June 2018. All orders made from 10th of June 2018 will be deliver after 19th June 2018.