Christmas Hamper - CH4 - Hamper Malaysia
CH-4 RM 150 Table Mountain Merlot 2013 (Product of South Africa) 750ml Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (T24) 300gm Sincere Muruku Mixture 80gm SKS 2 in 1 Minicoco Coconut Cookies (B) 120gm Bueno Recipe Coco Roll 120gm Bika Seafood Flavoured Crackers 40gm Coco Oats Puffs (B) 120gm Roona Strawberry Cookies with Soft Strawberry Filling 60gm Green Pea Snacks 56gm Bika Chicken Flavoured Crackers 40gm Roona Chocolate Cookies with Soft Hazelnut Chocolate Filling 60gm Green Pea Snacks 56gm Season's Greetings Packaging & Decorative