Chinese New Year Hamper - CNY5 - Hamper Malaysia
CNY-5 RM 200 一团和气 Villa Lucidia Vino Tinto (Product of Spain) 西班牙高级红酒 750ml Hand-Graded Dried Mushroom 手选茶花菇 100gm Feng Nian Rice Cracker 丰年香脆米呈 60gm Ju Traditional Hong Kong Egg Roll 聚家园港式蛋卷 40gm Tropicana Peanut Cookies 精致花生酥 56gm Coco Oats Puffs (B) 可可燕麦谷粮 120gm Bueno Recipe Strawberry Roll 草莓味蛋卷 120gm Moore Chocolate Cookies with Hazelnut 榛仁巧克力酱曲奇 56gm Bika Seafood Flavoured Crackers 海鲜酥 40gm Green Pea Snacks 香脆青豆酥 56gm Moore Strawberry Cookies with Strawberry Filling 草莓酱曲奇 56gm Bika Chicken Flavoured Snacks 田园鸡味片 40gm Green Pea Snacks 香脆青豆酥 56gm Auspicious Packaging & Decorative 新春包装与装饰 *Our delivery cut-off date for CNY Hamper is on the 7th of February 2018. All orders made from 8th February 2018 will be deliver after 21st February 2018.